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Los Angeles to Go Coal-Free by 2025

The mayor of Los Angeles, Antonio Villaraigosa, has announced that over the next 12 years, the giant metropolis will completely eliminate coal as an energy source on its grid.

While LA has made earlier moves to source some of their energy through renewable energies, this ambitious plan takes aim at the 39% of the demand that is currently met by coal.

The plan calls for a gradual transition over the next 12 years, with the city ending its contracts with coal plants and covering the resulting gap in demand with power from cleaner energy sources, such as natural gas.

“Los Angeles will finally kick its coal addiction. This is just one more way we’re transforming Los Angeles from the capital of smog to the capital of sustainability. Los Angeles has led the nation and reduced our greenhouse gas emissions by 28%; that’s four times what the Kyoto Protocol requires, and we’ve done it by quadrupling our use of renewable energy, cleaning our air at the nations largest port, and dramatically expanding our public transit system. Together we’re leading the way towards a greener, cleaner, more sustainable future.” – Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa

Los Angeles could be the first big U.S. city to be 100% coal-free if the initiative is followed through to its goal. With an added emphasis on increasing energy efficiency and optimizing the grid with better monitoring and smart meters, this could add up to a huge reduction in emissions for the city.

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