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LivingPlug Redefines the Electrical Outlet

For most of us, the design of the basic household electrical outlet has changed very little over the course of our lives, and for something so common, it’s kind of surprising that it hasn’t been updated to match our modern lifestyles. Sure, we’re starting to see networked “smart” outlets, but those are mostly for people interested in home automation, not for general household use.

But a new kind of electrical outlet is on its way, one which could see wider adoption simply because of its ease of use and the simplicity of installation.

The INLET, from LivingPlug, which is currently in a crowdfunding phase, plugs right into standard outlets and offers a number of benefits to users.

By plugging in the INLET, you automatically go from two receptacles to three, and all of those receptacles have a “locking” safety feature, which prevents accidental shocks if a metal object that’s not a plug gets inserted into them. The device also has an integrated high capacity 2.1v USB charger built into it, making charging mobile devices much simpler, and an “UNPlug Button” to help fight phantom power draws from devices which are plugged in but not turned on.

In addition, INLET features an interchangeable faceplate system, so the outlets can be concealed, while also matched to the design of the room.

LivingPlug is looking to raise $25,000 (USD) over the next month in order to fund the tooling and initial production of the devices, and backers can get an early adopter version of the device for kicking in as little as $20. Find out more here: LivingPlug

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