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Live Sustainably – A Choice

Sustainability is a term thrown around loosely in today’s media, but it is a real choice that every single person makes in their daily life. You can choose to be greener and live a more sustainable life by making the right choices that effect the environment and your wallet.

Turn the lights off! Three 60 watt light bulbs left on 8 hours a day for a year can cost $90 and waste 525 kWh for the year!

Minimizing “phantom loads” in your home or office is an easy way to be more energy conservative. These “phantom loads” are electronics in your household that use power even when turned off. The way to cut many of these loads is using a power strip to turn off clusters of electronics such as your entertainment system. Amplifiers, DVD players, VHS players, gaming consoles and even TVs can all be plugged into power strips and completely turned off when not in use. One exception is to leave your cable box plugged into the wall so it does not have to reboot every time you want to watch a show.

Sustainable electricity can be bought without costly equipment if you live in a deregulated state. You can choose to buy your electricity from a third party supplier which can be wind, hydro or solar powered. All it takes is a phone call to switch over; sometimes these third party suppliers can be cheaper than your standard utility supplier.

Recycling and separating your garbage is an easy way to be more sustainable. It is a huge impact to recycle correctly, separating all bottles, cans and plastics. All of these raw materials go right to manufacturers to be melted down and reused as the same or another product. The amount of energy used to transform these raw materials is minimal compared to new materials that were newly mined, pumped or extracted from the earth.

Remember every time you throw something away or use utilities that you are impacting something.

Also remember that you can minimize these impacts by making the better decision and living more sustainably.

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