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Lightweight Flexible Solar Backpack Charges Gadgets

Lightweight Flexible Solar Backpack Charges Gadgets

Image source: enerplex.biz

In our gadget-centric culture, a dead battery can bring our daily routine to a standstill, and unless we’ve got a spare battery with us, our next task is probably to find a free outlet (assuming we’ve got a charger with us) and take the time to let our device charge up.

Another way to stay powered is by bringing a solar charger with us, which can be quite effective, but will also add some weight and some bulk to our already over-burdened bags.

But if you have one of Enerplex‘s Packr series backpacks, you can bring a solar charger with you anywhere you go, without having to remember to pack it every time you leave the house.

The Packr bags integrate a lightweight and flexible 3W solar panel right into the backpack itself, so as long as you’re in the sun, your devices will be getting a charge. A 5V USB port inside the bag allows you to plug in any of your mobile devices and keep them secure inside your bag, which has several zippered compartments for carrying all of the rest of your gear with you. The bag also includes two water bottle holders, reflective accents (for safety), and in addition to the standard adjustable shoulder straps, the Packr also has waist and chest straps to keep the bag securely on your back.

These solar backpacks come in green or orange, and retail for about $100 from Enerplex.

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