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LED Bulb Controlled By Your Smartphone

Imagine a light bulb that is energy efficient and that you can control with your iPhone or Android phone.

Launched on the creative funding website Kickstarter, is a light bulb reinvention project.

LIFX, which is a Wi-Fi enabled, multicolored, energy efficient light bulb, has successfully raised its funding goal and consumers eagerly wait its arrival for purchase. You can preorder on the website now.

LIFX is an LED bulb that is self-contained for easy installment. There is no need to call an electrician as this bulb can easily screw in and works perfectly on its own.

The LIFX can control lights by dimming or brightening the settings, create colors to match a mood, and even notify you when you have a Twitter or Facebook message.

LIFX use about 1/10th of the energy of a standard light bulb. Just like standard LED bulbs, LIFX smartbulbs are rated at 40,000 hour/up to a 25 year standard. The types of smartbulbs available are Bayonet Cap, Edison Screw, and Downlight.

LIFX for iphone

Image source: www.lifx.co

LIFX uses a master/slave concept to connect to your home router via 802.11n and then onto all the other LIFX smartbulbs via 802.15.4 mesh network. Each LIFX can connect to all country electricity systems from 110V to 260V. The LIFX prototype uses an RGB phosphorous COB LED lamp which is approximately the equivalent of a 60 watt incandescent bulb or 50 watt halogen downlight.

The LIFX free app will be available through iTunes and Google Play. The master will be installed, app opened and synced through Wi-Fi ultimately connecting the ‘slaves to the master’.

Whether you are a developer or hacker, LIFX gladly invites both to make adjustments to the app allowing a constant flow of new technology.

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