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As Light As A Bicycle


Image source: www.pg.de

Before you start scouring Amazon and eBay for the Blackbraid Bicycle, know that it will cost a hefty $20,000 when it finally comes to market.

That being said, this example of modern engineering is a wonderful example of the way of the future.

Weighing less than 11 pounds, the Blackbraid Bicycle by the Germany-based bicycle company Munich Composites was built with braided carbon fiber encased in resin. The bike is strong(er) than steel, and weighs like it was made from aluminum.

Carbon fiber has typically been an expensive building material, depending on its usage. In cars, trucks, and planes, it tends to be fairly cheap, but in everything else, prices can easily skyrocket. Much like anything new, the Blackbraid Bicycle will become more affordable as demand increases. After all, who wouldn’t want a full-sized bicycle you can pick up with one hand and carry around with you when not riding it?

Bicycles are becoming quite the necessary commodity these days, with folks cutting down on gas expenses and choosing to commute via two-wheels to and from work, the store, etc. In large cities where congestion reaches ridiculous levels of noise, pollution, and time-consuming inconvenience, bicycles are the vehicle of choice for many in-city workers.

Bikes like the Blackbraid were needed ten years ago, when cars weren’t as fuel-efficient as they are today to lower carbon-footprints. If given the choice between a car and a 10-pound bicycle, I think many would choose the bike if the distance needed traveling is 5-miles or less. It just makes sense, from both a health and conservationist standpoint.

We’ll keep our eyes on the Blackbraid as production and sales begin in the very near future.

You can bet that once the bike hits the U.S., the exorbitant $20,000 price tag will soon hit $2,000, which is at least a bit more affordable for everyone who isn’t Bill Gates.


Image source: www.pg.de

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