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Coffee Powered Car

Coffee is everyone’s morning friend.

Every morning is boosted by sipping a cup of coffee and using it as our fuel for the day. Researchers say three cups of coffee a day can even prevent cancer although they admit that coffees magic is still a mystery. As well, a Guinness World Record was made by a car that was “a vehicle run on gas from organic waste,” and this car interestingly runs with coffee as fuel. Coffee’s magic runs a car too!

The Coffee Car team from England have entirely remodelled a Rover SD1 to run with the gas produced by coffee. So how does it work? It’s simple. The fuel to run the V6 engine is provided through a wood gas generator system. This system provides fuel by burning wood and coffee grounds at a high temperature. It produces a synthetic gas which is made of methane, hydrogen and carbon monoxide and it is good enough to power an IC (internal combustion) engine.

To reach its top speeds, some of the clean gas is compressed and injected directly into the manifold. As very high temperatures  are experienced in synthetic gas production, advanced cooling systems, including coolers with 12 volt fans, are attached.

This prototype consumes less fuel and is more efficient. Pollution contributed by these types of cars is also much less compared to highly polluting conventional fossil fuels such as petrol and diesel powered cars.

Users may worry about the speed of the coffee powered car because they are faster than electric cars that save money but move more slowly. In fact the coffee powered car has broken the Guinness World Record of the wood-powered Beaver XR7 which had top speed of 47.7 miles per hour.  The size of the car was also reduced by removing some space consuming, unwanted parts.

These cars cannot be sold immediately or even used on the current market but we can still render our support to such innovative groups which embark on reducing the usage of fossil fuels in cars. Martin Bacon and his team should also devise some tweaks to make it easier to load the fuel.

In September 2011 the team’s website states that they were successful in making a new world record by increasing the speed of the car using coffee grounds.

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