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Leonardo DiCaprio Co-Founds Electric Car Racing Team

Leonardo DiCaprio Co-Founds Electric Car Racing Team

Image source: en.venturi.fr

Some of the biggest advances in technology come from competition and specialized industries, and car tech is no exception. The techniques and materials once only used for race cars are now found in production models, making them lighter, safer, and more efficient for the rest of us. And with the trend toward electric vehicles as a greener transportation method, the more electric cars and racing teams that hit the track, the better the technology for consumer cars gets.

One big event in electric car racing is the FIA Formula E Championship, an all-electric racing series that begins next year with races being held in eight cities across the world. And one of the teams competing in that series, Venturi Grand Prix, is getting a little star power, as they’re backed by actor and environmentalist Leonardo DiCaprio.

“The future of our planet depends on our ability to embrace fuel-efficient, clean-energy vehicles. Venturi Grand Prix has shown tremendous foresight in their decision to create an environmentally friendly racing team, and I am happy to be a part of this effort.” – Leonardo DiCaprio

Venturi Automobiles is considered to be a leader in high performance electric vehicles, with a range of electric cars, and is the current holder of the world land speed record for an electric vehicle with 495kph (307mph).

After the first season of the FIA Formula E series, Venturi Grand Prix plans to build its own Formula E car, based on a powertrain they developed for their 3,000hp Venturi VBB-3 electric streamliner.

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