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Control Your Computer with the Flick of a Hand


Image source: www.google.com


A new innovation in technological wizardry manifests in the form of a small motion controller, from Leap Motion, which is indeed a device worthy of spectacle. The controller allows one to send commands to their computer with the flick of the wrist or swift movement of their hand. Thus interacting with computers through natural movements, while depleting the need to touch a mouse.

Aside from improved sanitation, this removes the restrictions of button- and joystick-operated controllers.

Beyond large, sweeping gestures, the Leap Motion controller has been programmed to sense the motions of pointing, reaching, and grabbing. Enabling controls to be dictated by even the most minute of movements, like a twitch.


Image source: leapmotion.com

As the device takes up little space, it can be set astride your keyboard, requiring less accommodation than a standard computer mouse. Furthermore, the Leap Motion controller can be used to play games, watch movies, upload photos, or simply check your email. Other features are the ability to enlarge maps with a simple hand stretch or use pencils like wands as you trace designs in the air.

In addition to the motion controller are apps, also developed by Leap Motion, which can be viewed as an extension of the controller and implement the same technology. All can be accessed and played without the touch of a button. They are view-able in an online store, called Airspace where, aside from games, you’ll also find educational apps and creative tools.

If you find yourself tired from performing more strenuous interactions while using the Leap Motion controller, simply allow yourself to relax and loosen up your shoulders as you let the fatigue dissipate. It doesn’t hurt to keep good posture, either.

That said, the controller is quite easy to use and it is doubtful one should experience any true effects of adversity.

If you wish to investigate this innovative sorcery further, you can find the Leap Motion device on its official webpage, where it currently runs $79.99.

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