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Solar Powered Gadgets

Saving electrical costs is a top-priority for homeowners.

Solar power, until recently, has been an expensive option for everyday consumers. Unless you required an entire city block’s worth of power, going green really wasn’t monetarily feasible.

That all changed last year, when a wide variety of solar-powered gadgets debuted at the consumer technology tradeshow, CES. Not only is the next generation of green gadgets affordable and utilitarian, but they look wonderful and will add an artistic flair to any tech setup.

Image source: www.hacknmod.com

The first on our list is solar powered wi-fi pictured above. This is best for on-the-go internet needs, as it’s essentially just a wi-fi repeater that detects open wi-fi networks and creates a hotspot for your electronics. But it’s solar powered and awesome, and will test your DIY abilities. It requires some basic soldering skills, but it’s nothing you can’t pick up on Youtube. Check out the video provided by the link for more instructions.

Image source: www.amazon.com

Our next item is best used during vacations or trips from home. This portable solar-powered battery charger is affordable, lightweight, and convenient. It takes approximately 11hrs to charge the device using sunlight, and 7hrs if you’re charging via USB cable. It will charge a smartphone in approximately 2hrs 40mins, and can also be used for any other devices that charge via USB cable, such as MP3 players, iPods, tablets, etc.

Image source: www.husqvarna.com

For those who have a few bucks to spend, this solar powered robotic lawn mower by Husqvarna is great for stress-free mowing jobs. If you have a large yard and don’t have the time to spend covering every inch with a push or riding mower, simply put this guy out under the sun and let him do his work. A few of their models are even built to tackle uneven ground, such as hillsides and rough lawn areas.

Image source: www.designbuzz.com

Lastly, this next solar powered product is for the outdoorsman in you. Topping off the list is an eco-friendly tent with solar panels that provide 2-4 hours of tent light and charge batteries. Leave the car chargers at home, and plug your electronics directly into the tent.

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