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Kudo Solar iPad Case Keeps Tablets Charged

Getting stuck with a low battery on a gadget while you’re out and about can be incredibly frustrating, but this solar charging iPad case can keep you powered up.

Even with the best of intentions, sometimes we can forget to charge our devices fully before leaving the house, and on top of that, we might also walk out without our charging cord, so we’ve got no ability to recharge later, either.

However, if your iPad case came with an integrated solar panel and backup battery, such as the KudoSol does, your tablet will be fully energized for hours and hours of use.

The KudoSol has a built in 5,400 mAh battery as the backup power source for the iPad, and that battery gets automatically charged by a solar panel built into the front cover of the case.

According to Kudo, the panel can charge even in lower light situations:

“Wherever there is light the Kudo battery is charging and storing energy to power the iPad when needed. The KudoSol uses proprietary technology to monitor the I-V curve, a technique called Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT). This delivers the maximum amount of power possible from the KudoSol solar panel to the tablet or phone. Even on a cloudy day, it’s still generating power in your hands.” – Kudo

The KudoSol features a keyboard/movie positioning stand, smart cover, built-in power cable and HDMI adapter, and a USB power outlet for charging other devices. The hard-shell case protects the iPad if dropped, and the rubberized cover (made with a coating derived from corn) makes it easy to keep a grip.

Right now, Kudo is running a Kickstarter campaign to launch a complete line of iPad, iPhone, iPad Mini, and Nexus 7 tablet accessories, which includes the KudoSol case, so if you want to get in on it, chip in some funding. Get all the details at their website: Kudo Case.

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