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The Bionic Knee – Powering More Than You Think

Bionic Power, a technology company in British Columbia, has developed a knee brace that allows you to possess energy-generating powers.

It comes in the form of a biochemical energy harvester, called the PowerWalk.

Whilst walking, whenever you brake, and your knees buckle, you have the potential for generative braking.

The PowerWalk knee brace has the ability to capture this motion, allowing you harvest the energy generated from the bending and locking of your knees whenever you wear it.

Each PowerWalk knee brace weighs 1.7 pounds, and  generates around 12 watts of energy at the average walking speed.

Kept steadily, you would be able to charge four cell phones within a little over an hour at this speed.

For the average citizen, the leg brace may be worn during hikes and long walks as a means to power the portable gadgets that tag along with them, whether it is a MP3 player, phone, or digital camera. Thus, it allows you to journey far from electrical outlets without the need to bulk up on batteries or end your pedestrian travels every time your phone needs to be charged.

Additionally, the PowerWalk comes as a dependable source of energy for off-grid operations and public safety workers, who, in case of an emergency, need their gps units and communication devices to be accessible to them at all times. This can otherwise be a challenge during natural disasters, where the duration and extremity of the situation can make delivering batteries a safety hazard.

The ability to charge items with bionic harvested energy can also lesson the load of batteries that servicemen and women must lug around on a daily basis, as a three day military mission may require a solider to carry twenty pounds worth of batteries to power their night goggles alone.

In the medical field, Bionic Power’s technology is being used to assist those with partial or full paralysis.

Taking the place of battery powered devices, this technology, while enabling individuals to walk, is at the same time being powered by their walking.

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