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Juice Box Wants Energy For All

Juice Box is a concept design that was created last year by Artefact.

Juice Box Wants Energy For All

This year the design has achieved an award winning status, and has gained some impressively popular sponsors.

Juice Box operates as an open energy system. Energy can be collected from various sources, then stored and routed to where it can be used.

Juice Box Wants Energy For All

Juice Box Wants Energy For All

This allows people to charge and power up devices, as well as lighting and electrical necessities, even in distant and isolated areas. The system offers a sustainable way for off the map locations to receive electrical power.

Developed for a project that concentrated on parts of the world that live with a lack of energy availability, the design addresses how widespread the issue is. Over 1 billion individuals do not have electricity in their homes.

Providing a constant energy source can greatly improve the lives of those who live without it.

Having reliable electricity enables people to work, spend time on education and offers a safer environment. It also offers a way for families to cook food that does not involve heavy toxic smoke and indoor air pollutants, which is what many in remote and impoverished areas have to cope with daily.

Juice Box Wants Energy For All

A highly functional aspect of the design is how accessible to various power systems it can be. The developers noted that since different regions have distinct power sources and needs, that the Juice Box would need to be highly flexible. The unit is all inclusive and can accommodate water, wind, solar and more.

Even addressing potential language barriers, it utilizes color instead of wording for displaying instructions.

It also features a detachable light with different settings and contains batteries with a USB port that can be switched out and combined for more power. It even lets users know when the battery power is running low and will calculate and display the time left.

Juice Box Wants Energy For All

It is made to last with a rubber exterior that provides both durability and a protective insulation. Further, the box is even capable of being manually charged for emergencies.

Though there are many energy systems already on the market or still in the prototype stage, the Juice Box is a model example of how a socially responsible design can help to build stronger communities, and how smart minds that work together can proactively enhance lives.

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