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Jewelry – Transposed

Whether a reflective statement piece or an artistic addition to a wardrobe, jewelry and the art of crafting it are treasured by many.

Though it can be representative of many things, the following designers have completely reworked what jewelry can do. Their creations are totally unexpected and out of the box, and one is even a little avant-garde with a touch of disturbing. Although many may not necessarily be wishing to wear these pieces, they are definitely worth visiting just for their sheer shock factor that normally isn’t included in the jewelry box.

Jewelry designer Ewa Śliwińska developed The Living Points Structure, a project that questions conventional pieces.

Though they look light as air, her accessories are made from nylon threaded steel cylinders. Their movements mimic those of the body, making the wearer a moving art piece.

Jewelry - Transposed Jewelry - Transposed Jewelry - Transposed

In an article in dezeen, the artist discussed the intention of her project:

“I came up with an idea that people will not wear jewelry on their bodies – instead, the decorative objects will levitate and orbit around them just like flames of fire, showing the emotional condition of the owners.

By wearing the designed objects one does not simply decorate the body, but rather extend it both in the context of multidimensional shape and activity – the movement is given a new visual representation…”

Above images are © Ewa Śliwińska.

Leaning on the strange-but-captivating side is a conceptual collection from Naomi Kizhner. A graduate student in industrial design, her collection is not for the faint of heart.

Called Energy Addicts, the 3 piece collection functions as more than wear as each serves as a facilitator for gathering biological data straight from the body. Worn on the physique unlike any other jewelry, these accessories have pincers, stingers and odd parasitic features that enable bioelectric power.

Jewelry - Transposed

Blinker is an unusual looking eye bridge. When worn, it collects energy from the blinking wearer via a microcell.

Jewelry - Transposed Jewelry - Transposed

An unusual pendant piece, the e-pulse conductor collects bioelectricity directly from the wearer’s neurological system, as it is worn pinching into the spinal area (uhmmm…peculiar).

Jewelry - Transposed Jewelry - Transposed

For jewelry at its most invasive, the Blood Bridge is just that. Tapping into the body’s ulnar artery, it uses the power from this main line to spin the wheel with pulmonic rhythm.

Jewelry - Transposed

When you get over how odd the concept of bioenergy harvesting devices applied in is this way is, the ideal that this type of jewelry could be used for innovative future health and medical applications can be considered, which is reportedly what Kizhner had in mind when she created the eerie pieces.

Above images are © Naomi Kizhner.

Jewelry that goes far beyond its set boundaries is almost as intriguing as the designers who create it.

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