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Water Powered Jet Pack

Don’t expect Boba Fett to fly across town anytime soon, though you may see him lifting off at a beach near you.

A Florida-based company called Jetlev has designed and built a commercially available water-propelled jet pack.

They offer flights and training through their website, with several packages tailored for newbies and returning customers.

Created by Raymond Li, a Chinese-born Canadian, the eco-friendly water-powered jetpack has received wide popularity, and a steady stream of customers to both purchase and rent the innovative recreational flier.

The Jetlev consists of a carbon glass composite jetpack, a 260hp engine unit, and a hose to connect the jetpack with the power source.

The first operational Jetlev was completed in August of 2008. Li and his crew of designers and engineers became rock stars after a video of their first test flight went viral on the internet. The jetpack was commercially launched in early 2012, with a long line of buyers and excited spectators.

What makes the Jetlev a unique device among would-be jetpacks, is that it doesn’t place the power source inside the actual machine.

Rather, a 33-foot hose connects the shoulder pack with a three-cylinder engine pump that rides on top of the water. The pump sends 1,000 gallons of water per minute through the hose, generating more than 560 lbs of thrust, and over 60 PSI through the jetpack nozzle.

The contraption hovers up to 30ft above or below the water, allowing the operator to fly like a bird or swim like a dolphin. Each Jetlev has a 5-point safety harness, which keeps the rider in an optimal flying position. The Jetlev can motor at speeds up to 32 mph for a duration of 3-5 hours, while the actual marine engine pump has a 22 gal capacity, with an 80 mile range.

Currently, the Jetlev retails at $99,500 USD. Jet pack enthusiasts can also rent one at certified Jetlev rental centers in California, Florida, Ohio, etc. To find out more on Raymond Li and his invention, visit their website and discover a rental center near you.


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