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It’s About Time – An Awaited Arrival

Electric motorcycles are nothing new, but to one iconic brand their introduction of a prototype is fresh on their inventory list.

The Harley-Davidson LiveWire is the new electric kid on the block, and many are surprised at the arrival.

It’s About Time – An Awaited Arrival

Many are also waiting to see how the performance compares to the traditional rides, which are known for their fine-tuned craftsmanship.

This e-bike is actually a concept design, which was hand built and looks markedly different than other Harley models.

It’s About Time – An Awaited Arrival

It’s About Time – An Awaited Arrival

It’s About Time – An Awaited Arrival

The prototype has not yet been formally named, but is being called Project LiveWire. Specifics about production are still not publicized, but surely as the tour revs around more information will be unveiled.

The tour is part promotion, part information seeking, as the company is asking for feedback on further developing the concept. The ride will go through select areas of the United States and Europe.

The LiveWire premiered this week in New York.

Taking the best of a brand known for its mastery of the road and removing the not so favorable aspects, such as the gas guzzling nature the non-electric variety is known for, could have a lot to offer, even for the skeptic.

It’s About Time – An Awaited Arrival

A test driver from Wired noted the well recognized sound of the original was obviously different, but that there was also an interesting mix between being powerful and comfortable. With 74 horsepower and a maximum governed speed of 92 miles per hour, power and speed isn’t an issue. Its lithium-ion battery will reportedly remain charged for about 53 miles.

It’s About Time – An Awaited Arrival

How will it do? Rider opinions and the consumer market and will soon decide.

All images are © by Harley-Davidson.

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