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iPhone Case Lets You Squeeze to Recharge

iPhone Case Lets You Squeeze to Recharge

Image source: mipwr.com

Combining a protective case, a backup battery, and a dynamo charger, the Mipwr Dynamo could be the perfect iPhone accessory for the on-the-go smartphone user.

Since many of us rely on our smartphones for everything from phone calls and text messages, to taking pictures and videos, to getting directions and playing games, when the juice runs out, we’re really stuck. But this new gadget from Mipwr can not only protect your iPhone, but can also provide a source of backup power and a way to recharge it on the fly.

“The Mipwr Dynamo is a protective case, back up battery, and hybrid charger in one.  The case contains a 400 mA battery and a concealed push lever that when actuated by pushing, electricity is generated to charge the internal battery.  You will produce 30 seconds of talk or text time for 1 minute of “pumping” the push lever.  This will allow you to make a distress call, or tell someone that you are alright!  Never run out of power!” – Mipwr

The Mipwr Dynamo uses a squeeze lever on the side of the case to generate power, a molded case to keep your phone safe from bumps and drops, and an internal battery that can be charged via the dynamo lever or USB.

Mipwr is currently in a crowdfunding phase on Kickstarter, and backers at the $25 level will get one of the first Mipwr Dynamo cases produced. Once the device goes into production, the company expects the device to retail at more than twice that amount, so early backers are getting a great deal.

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