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Investing in Solar Panels

As the demand for green technology increases, so will the amount of companies offering ecological solutions, such as hybrid cars, water conservative shower taps, and more.

However, the demand for solar panels has increased exponentially since 2012, and is predicted to continue blowing up the green market well past 2013.

Kickstarter, the recently famous crowd-funding website, where consumers can help finance the development and production of just about any type of project, has also recently passed the $1 million dollars in funding milestone for solar panels. Several companies have been successful on the website, such as SolarCity, which helps homeowners affordably install solar panels at extremely reduced costs.

Another crowd-funded solar panel company, called Mosaic, has raised more than $1 million in their bid to bring energy efficiency to American households. So far, they’ve installed a 26kW set of solar panels on the St. Vincent de Paul building in Oakland, CA, and a 112 kW panel on a housing unit in San Bruno, CA.

The company puts together projects to show investors how the solar panel installation works. People who’ve invested in the company receive their money back each month with interest. Mosaic charges investors a 1% ‘platform fee’, which is billed annually but assessed monthly. Each investor can pull their money out at any time, or put their money back into other Mosaic projects.

So far, Mosaic is still waiting on the Securities and Exchange Committee to review their structure and provide guidelines for “cloud funding portals”. They are also only available in California and New York, and only for high-net-worth investors.

The company is eager for more participants to join, and would like to offer the Mosaic opportunity to a wider audience of investors.

The company is still doing extremely well, despite the circumstances. Four projects Mosaic put out were fully funded in just 24 hours.


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