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Instant Public Parks from Human-Powered Mobile Gardens

Instant Public Parks from Human-Powered Mobile Gardens

Image source: n55.dk

Modular, mobile, and human-powered, Parkcycles can help reclaim little pieces of the city for public use. And when a group of them gather together, they can quickly create a much bigger public space, in the form of a Parkcycle Swarm.

In an attempt to empower people to influence their local urban environments by building more people-friendly spaces that can change the way we think about city streets, N55 has built on their open source XYZ Spaceframe Vehicles and dared to give city inhabitants a “real and meaningful influence on the form and function of their city.”

Instant Public Parks from Human-Powered Mobile Gardens

Image source: n55.dk

“The PARKCYCLE SWARM is a modular system that empower persons to build an instant public park whenever and wherever they want to. The PARKCYCLE SWARM consists of a number of human powered mobile gardens. The individual gardens can be combined to form public parks. A PARKCYCLE SWARM can consist of any number of individual gardens. Areas normally used by cars like parking lots or roads in general can be reclaimed and used for non polluting peaceful social activities instead.” – N55

The Parkcycle Swarm is a great addition to the movement to reclaim the public spaces we move through and within in our daily lives, akin to Park(ing) Day, but with the added bonus of being mobile and human-powered. The Swarm is a collaboration between Till Parker of N55 and John Bela of Rebar Group, and the plans to build the XYZ Spaceframe Vehicle and turn it into a Parkcycle are freely available for anyone to use or adapt for their own purposes (non-commercial use only).

Find out more about Parkcycles (and Parkcycle Swarms) at N55.

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