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Instagramming and Geo-Tagging Trash with Litterati

Instagramming and Geo-Tagging Trash with Litterati

Image source: www.litterati.org

Our modern disposable lifestyle, where everything is packaged or has a limited lifespan, has led us to a serious waste problem. And it doesn’t just impact the landfills, or the resource streams, but it also directly impacts the wildlife, the water supplies, and even the quality of human life on a local level, due to our trashy habit of littering.

In order to bring more awareness to this issue, an effort combining smartphones, activism, geo-tagging, and art was born, and is filling a global Digital Landfill gallery with images of litter that people are picking up.

Litterati encourages people to not just pick up litter, but to upload pictures of the trash they dispose of, and to tag it with the hashtag #litterati on Instagram. Those images are pulled in to the Digital Landfill, and by using a geotagging feature, Litterati displays the locations of the litter on a world map.

“The Digital Landfill is a photo gallery showcasing the different pieces of litter being picked up, and the overall impact of the movement. With geo-tagging, we’re able to provide insight into problem areas and highlight the most active Litterati communities. Keyword tags on the photos help identify those brands and products that generate the most litter. We’ll use this to work with companies and organizations to find environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions.” – Litterati

It’s easy to participate in this, because there’s litter that needs to be picked up just about everywhere, and since we’re already crazy about taking photos with our smartphones, combining the two into an awareness-raising campaign is a natural. According to Good, because of Litterati, nearly 11,000 pieces of litter have now been picked up, cataloged, and properly discarded, and there’s room for plenty more in the Digital Landfill.

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