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Power from the Subway

Power from the subway

Image source: www.singularitystudio.com

Many of us who use public transportation such as trains at some point or other have experienced the sudden gush of air when a train enters the tunnel.

But Singularity Studio feels creative about this unused air pressure inside the tunnel and they have come up with a new tile prototype which turns this pressure into useful renewable energy.

This prototype is named Transducer Tile and does an amazing job converting the pressure into power by a simple mechanism. The modest design is made up from readily available elements.

A transducer tile consists of a micro wind turbine. The blade is rotated by the change in air pressure caused by the arrival of a train in the subway.

The entire setup can be fitted onto the wall of the subway without disturbing normal activities.

Multiple small wind turbines are grouped together with one larger turbine which will help to generate larger power as the size of the blade is greater. Instead of a traditional blade design the micro turbines have sharp and slightly curved edges, which will help slash the air pressure and thereby utilize it efficiently.

The power generated by these tiles can be stored in a battery and can be used for emergency purposes inside the tunnel. The designers say that this model can also be used at the bottom of cars and buses to produce power in similar fashion.

Power from the subway

Image source: www.singularitystudio.com

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