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A Few Of Our Favourite Things

Last year, many new and exciting technologies became available for consumers.

The list of devices is seemingly endless, but we’ve managed to shorten it down to include breakthroughs in smartphone technology, healthcare, television, and music.

For those of you looking for the latest and greatest gadget on the market, here’s a list of our Seven Favorite Devices from 2012:

The Asus Padfone
One part tablet, one part smartphone, 100% innovative. Asus’s 10.1 inch device houses a 4.3 inch smartphone in the back, which can be taken out to use, and just as easily returned to its casing. This hybrid marriage of technology has us anxiously looking forward to seeing how competing tech firms answer Asus’s claim on the market.

Samsung Super OLED TV
Samsung’s 55” television marks a breakthrough in visual devices. Compared to traditional LED, OLED (Organic) sets are more efficient for several reasons: they are self-illuminating (no lamps), power saving, and provide a noticeably improved visual experience. On top of that, all new Smart Televisions come with wi-fi and out-of-the-box apps, effectively transforming your media center into a large-screen computer.

Parrot ZIK Headphones
While there are many countless wireless headphones variations on the market, this new model by Parrot is innovative in every way. You control the volume by swiping the ear cups up and down, and can shuffle through your songs by sliding your finger left or right. They come with noise-cancelling abilities, and batteries that last approximately 5hrs. The headphones connect via bluetooth, and have a sound quality that justifies the price.

Corning Gorilla Glass 2
The vast majority of new smartphones and tablets these days are built with Gorilla Glass screens, which have been proven to be nearly indestructible. Corning’s newest development is 20% stronger than original Gorilla Glass, 20% thinner without losing any toughness, and cheaper to make. This means that the next generation of Gorilla Glass 2 devices will save you money by protecting your gadgets from inevitable slippery hands that have doomed countless phones in the past.

Nokia Lumia 900
Easily considered the best Windows phone on the market, this smartphone developed by the popular Swedish tech firm has many advances over its current competitors. It boasts a large 4.3 inch screen, 4G LTE capability, and smooth software. The Lumia’s visually pleasing design comes from its use of Windows Metro UI, which neatly orders the apps and programs into edged squares and rectangles, with an artistic appeal unlike any other smartphone. It’s available both in the U.S. and internationally.

Apple iPad Mini
The original iPad sparked a revolution in tablet design, and opened up a previously untapped market in computing devices. The iPad Mini is set to be a 7-inch tablet, similar to Amazon’s Kindle Fire, and will offer the same iOS software as its 9.7 brother. The Mini is geared towards consumers who prefer the size and heft of smaller 7-inch tablets.

Basis B1 Band
This digital watch displays both the time and your heart rate. It contains several sensors that monitor temperature, sweat, pulse, and has a built-in pedometer. All of this information is saved and stored in the Cloud, so you can view the data on your computer and see how many calories you’ve burned, number of daily steps, heart rate, and sleep time if you decide to wear it at night.

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