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Innovations For The Future

As the world progresses and grows, the things we’re doing right become obvious, as they benefit our day-to-day lives. On the flip side of the coin, the things we’re doing wrong stick out like a sore thumb.

Innovations are like boy bands; a new one debuts every week. When it comes to ecology in the fields of technology, health care, and transportation, there are breakthroughs that take us further into the future, and then there are approaches that make us look like we’re still in the middle-ages. Below are the areas that painfully require an overhaul.


Image source: www.autoweek.com


What’s that, you say? It’s the 21st century and we’re still using the combustion engine? Yes, it’s true; we haven’t really overhauled the auto-industry in over a hundred years. If Nikola Tesla were alive today, he’d have a thing or two to say about that. Thankfully, companies like Tesla Motors are working to change how we travel.


Image source: www.psipunk.com


Much like the automobile, we’re still using the same design the Wright Brothers used a hundred years ago. I’m sensing an ugly trend here. Sure, the age-old saying “If it works, use it” can be applied, but it shouldn’t have to. Visionaries far and wide have tried to update the way we fly, with little success. Hopefully, NASA can succeed where others have failed.


Image source: www.qiwireless.com

Plug-In Electronics

This is where the Nikola Tesla reference would probably best be served. We still plug in electronic devices to walls, computers, cars, and even windows. Wireless electricity is the next frontier in the way we charge our devices and connect to the energy grid. Just ask Nokia.


Image source: www.neurope.eu


America is on the forefront of medical technology, but we’re still using barbaric methods that people from the future will arguably laugh at someday. Folks in underdeveloped nations have a hard time finding proper medical assistance. Several companies are working on solutions, including new sanitation methods, as well as robotics.


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