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Wind Power Innovations

Wind Powered-Car

Image source: www.likecool.com

2012 was the best year to date for wind power in the U.S., according to the American Wind Power Association, moving it into the number one spot for new energy resources.

Taking up 42% of the scale of new power producing systems, 26 states and many other areas added wind turbine technology, making it a major investment.

One of the most popular sources of renewable energy, wind power is not just restrained to the original wind farm. This type of energy is advancing to great technological heights, and several modern inventions will make you marvel at what is possible.

For instance, a wind powered car operated by a kite, turbine and rechargeable battery pack was able to travel over 3,000 miles with no need for a fuel-up. This vehicle is a record breaker, being the first wind energy craft of its kind to go such a distance on land.

Also, featured on DVICE are systems like Uprise Portable Power and the Sheerwind INVELOX, which take wind energy to the next level.

The Portable Power structure is a mobile wind turbine that is strong enough to electrically sustain  a whole community, producing up to 50kW of wind energy. It is also capable of storing up energy for later use, and can incredibly also filter water. Different than the common wind turbine, the INVELOX uses funnel physics to capture wind and divert it to a ground level generator. It can turn pressure into kinetic energy at rapid and efficient levels.

Called the wind lens, this wind machine looks similar to a giant Ferris wheel and can supposedly triple the energy output of traditional turbines. These massive structures would take up large amounts of land, but have the capacity to distribute wind power at proficiently serviceable levels.


Image source: www.mnn.com

Even an island capable of storing wind power has become a concept in the preparation stages. Intended for its debut in Belgium’s North Sea, this rounded mass supposedly will store wind power by propelling water from a hole in the middle. With weaning away from nuclear power as the goal, the man-made island would also double as an offshore area to convert the generated electricity.

Efficient designs and the practical potential of advanced systems lend to an exciting future for the wind power industry and interested consumers.

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