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People Power, Literally

Unplugged desk design

Image source: www.edditornberg.se

Have you ever wondered what your workspace will look like in the future?

The electronic devices at your desk may not be powered by solar energy or other technology. You may become the source of power for your workspace.

The thesis project of a Swedish student Eddi Törnberg, titled “Unplugged”, is looking at how to make use of the energy generated by millions of people as they sit and work in the office.

It is inspired by Harriet Beecher Stowes quote

“Human nature is above all things lazy”

so Tornberg has looked at how to ensure all your movements and daily activities are not going to waste, rather they are being returned to you in another form.

So what exactly does this modern workspace or ‘cabin’ do?

The energy required to run your ‘cabin devices’ is generated through:

Piezoelectric effect: When you walk on the carpet, the pressure of your footsteps applies mechanical stress to crystals enbedded in the carpet producing energy on the other axis of the crystal.

Plant power: The sugar and enzymes present in the plants which you keep in the office generate power in a similar way to a childrens’ science experiment “extracting power from potatoes”.

Seebeck effect: The metal on the upper surface of the chair becomes warm while you are sitting on it, from your body heat, and other metal strips are kept cold, this difference of temperature helps to produce energy.

The designer has used technology and design to create a sustainable environment.


Unplugged Desk

Image source: www.edditornberg.se


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