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What a Clever Keyboard

Since the first computer and monitor combination were created in the early 1970’s, very little has changed in the actual design and layout of keyboards.

While some are shaped differently and vary in ergonomics, a keyboard has always been a plastic or metal slab with keys spread out on it.

That all changes in 2013. A company called TransluSense has debuted their Luminae Keyboard+ and Trackpad+ typing device.

It is a glass surface keyboard that uses state-of-the-art lasers and infrared sensors to detect finger movements and key presses on the glass. It’s curved for an ergonomic feel and design.

It comes pre-built with a trackpad, and can also be purchased with a detachable trackpad which acts as the keyboard’s mouse and number pad.

Another neat feature of the Luminae is that it is 100% customizable.

Users can download software programs straight from the manufacturer to customize the keyboard to their satisfaction. They can also purchase “skins” from the company, which are placed over the surface of the keyboard and display the keys. These skins can be images from your computer, or pre-created designs from the company.

Perhaps the best reason to applaud the manufacturers of the Luminae is the fact that keyboard garbage will be severely limited from our trash heaps each year. Because traditional keyboards have spaces in between the keys, it’s very easy to gunk it up to the point of throwing it away and purchasing a replacement. And when people lose keys from their keyboard, they often would rather buy an entirely new one instead of installing new keys.

The Luminae presents an obvious solution, since the keyboard has no moving parts, and can be easily wiped clean with a cloth. While the device is a bit on the pricey side, you’ll definitely get a lot of long-term usage out of it.


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