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Shrink Your Footprint

There is endless discussion in the media about the need to change our  existing habits in the developed world in order to lower carbon emissions and save the planet.

Many of us feel powerless to effect real change, but there are small ways we can all make a difference.

Work at home

With modern networking devices and technologies such as VPN more of us are working from home, if not fulltime, then certainly as a partime  option during our working week. This not only saves time and energy in transportation, but also often allows families to achieve more quality time together.


e-books and e-magazines are gaining popularity but there is still some resistance from those who cling to traditional printed books. In order to save trees and keep printing and transportation costs and energy consumtion down please try at least once a month to utilize an electronic reading device instead of buying a hardcopy.

Stop printed bills and pay online

Many companies offer to provide statements and bills online through email instead of printing and sending it to your door steps. This is an effortless way to achieve savings and lighten the load of your home filing system. Save your time and energy by paying services online. It been reported that if all the households in the U.S. paid their bills online and received e-statements instead of paper statements, we could save 19 million trees every year and 3 billion tons of greenhouse gases. When records are in digital format, they are simple to archive and find. All banks offer electronic banking which has vastly reduced the need for paper in the banking system.

Use voice mails

Answering machines whilst very popular in the past, are  attached to your landline and consume power 24×7.  Try replacing this with voice mails which are easy to use and do not require any hardware.

Buy wisely

Think a lot before you buy a new device. Psychologists say that most people have devices which they do not actually need. One way to ensure you only buy what you really need is to write a list of items you need to buy. Look at the same list a month later and buy the device if you still need it, this will reduce your carbon footprint and save you money.

Read articles about the environment

People love reading news, and articles about technology and lifestyle on the web. Spend some time reading about the exciting ways people are making a difference in an environmental sense, and you may be inspired to adopt some of the ‘green’ suggestions in your own lives and homes.

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