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Hybrid vs Hydrogen

The problem with hybrid is simple, it still uses gasoline.  However, hydrogen cell vehicles do not use gasoline, they are fueled by hydrogen.

So the question is why we are not using this technology at the pump. Actually the answer to that is they are. California is equipped with many stations that help fuel Honda’s FCX Clarity. It is a zero emissions hydrogen powered sedan. The hydrogen tank stores the hydrogen, the V Flow cell stack then generates the electricity in which the lithium-ion battery stores the electricity. Then the PDU (power drive unit) governs the electrical flow and the electric drive motor propels the car.

Currently, Honda is working on a home energy station which will be used to fuel your vehicle from the comfort of your home.  It is hopeful that not only will the home energy station fuel the hydrogen car but additionally it has been designed to provide heat and electricity for the home.

Many have expressed concerns that the hydrogen cell is not safe.  In case of a collision, the system controller will shut off the flow of hydrogen and electric current. Sensors are located throughout the vehicle to prevent any leakage of hydrogen. Honda has taken measure to make sure even the refueling is safe.

How can the hybrid even compete? It is easy to find a station to refuel a hybrid. Plus, most companies offer only the hybrid technology. Unfortunately, auto companies are not forced to make a change on top of the fact that millions worldwide already own gas powered and hybrid vehicles that would be worthless if a change was made. The masses are not going to change so easily. Hopefully in the near future we will see many changes in the automotive industry to embrace new technology rather than fuel age old techonolgy.

Source: Honda – http://automobiles.honda.com/fcx-clarity/

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