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It has been predicted that gas-powered vehicles will be replaced by electric and hybrid modes of conveyance within 50 years. This would be a tremendous benefit to our planet, as well as other areas of everyday life impacted by alternative energy transportation. The importance of these ecologically conducive vehicles in today’s automobile research/development cannot be overstated, and here’s why:

Health Benefits- Regional pollution will be dramatically reduced when a growing section of the population switches to EV’s (Electric Vehicles) or hybrid automobiles. Carbon emissions can adversely affect personal health if a driver is in or near a vehicle with poor filtration, such as an older or structurally debilitated car, for an extended period of time.

Cost Saving- As a general fact, EV’s and hybrids are much cheaper to maintain than gas-powered vehicles. Since an EV runs on battery power, there is no need for oil changes, expensive trips to the gas station, or other costly problems that plague owners of traditional means of transport. On top of that, an overnight charge will both prepare an EV for the next day’s drive and put the least amount of stress on the electrical grid, which lowers the demand for energy and saves you money in the long run.

Increased Mileage- Electric and Hybrid Vehicles continue to produce better road mileage than gas vehicles. For example, the 100% electric Nissan Leaf gets 90-100 miles-per-charge with a 5-7 hour recharge period. That is a 40-50 mile increase over the most fuel-efficient gas-powered vehicle, the Toyota Prius, at 50-60mpg. The electric/hybrid Chevrolet Volt also performs strongly.

By furthering the production and efficiency of Alternative Energy vehicles, we will soon be on our way towards ushering in a prosperous age of safer and healthier travel.


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