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Keeping Cool And Green

Life without air conditioning has become impossible to imagine in some parts of the world and with temperatures predicted to rise in the future this situation does not look like changing.

However air conditioning is notorious for increasing energy consumption dramatically in households and businesses.

There are a few checks that you can make to reduce the carbon footprint that your air conditioner makes.

Mind about MERV
MERV stands for Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value. It is a scale developed for measuring filtering effectiveness, and this scale was developed by the American Society of Heating in around 1981. The scale ranges from 1 to 16 where the higher number implies high efficiency for filtering more particles in the air.

Typically air conditioners will have a MERV rating in the range of 1 to 5. If you have not checked your air conditioner’s rating look in the user manual or contact the company support team. Once you find the rating consult a technician to increase this as the higher the rating the more energy efficient and healthier your family will be.

Plan before you buy
Most people might start with a budget, but it is more advisable to correctly specify the dimensions of the room that requires air conditioning. This will ensure that the correct machine is bought for your needs, meeting budgetary and ongoing cost effective concerns. Always consider the units with energy stars attributed to them.

It is worth considering a unit with a two stage compressor as that will allow one compressor to shut down when the interior temperature is cool, conserving energy.

The filter is a crucial part of the air conditioning unit and must be checked to ensure effective use. Do a periodic check-up and replace the filter if needed. Filters should be changed or washed because the dirt present in the air will occupy the pores in the filter blocking the air flow.

Another noteworthy thing to check for is refrigerant leaks from the valves. A leaking air conditioner will use more power and cost you more.

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