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How To Fix Your Screen’s Stuck Pixels

Have you ever had a spot on your computer screen that only appeared when the screen was on, and wouldn’t go away? Chances are, your screen has a stuck pixel.

Not to worry, however, as this is something of a normal occurrence, and is also 100% fixable. No more throwing your monitor in the trash, or selling your computer for super cheap on Craigslist (hurray!)

Step 1: Turn On The Screen

If the problem pixel is on your desktop’s monitor or your laptop, turn the screen on.

Step 2: Display The Pixel 

Navigate to a 100% black image. It can’t just be a blank screen (i.e. your screen not being turned on), because we need to see the pixel via the LCD backlighting. You can always search the internet for a black image via Google or Bing.

Step 3: Grab A Sharpie Or Pencil

Anything thin and blunt will do, such as a pencil with an eraser, or a non-sharpened end. Before continuing, it should be noted that physically touching your screen could potentially damage it further. Depending on the extent of the stuck pixel, and how it’s affecting your viewing experience, use your judgment to determined whether or not to continue.

If you’ve decided to throw caution to the wind (I’m slightly exaggerating here, as the process isn’t as dangerous as it may seem, it’s just tricky), then use the round/blunt end of the object to gently tap the affected area. Tap just hard enough to see the pixel become white. No glow means you aren’t tapping hard enough.

Step 4: If Step 3 Isn’t Working, Apply Pressure

Grab a damp (not wet) towel or cloth, fold it, and hold the cloth over the pixel. Again, apply gentle, consistent pressure to the area. Try to only press on the affected pixel, not the surrounding screen.

Step 5: Check To See If You’ve Fixed The Pixel

Navigate to a white image around the pixel, which you can also find by searching Google or Bing. Make sure you press F11 to make the image fullscreen to check for any further damage you might have caused. If the problem is fixed, the entire screen will be the same shade of white. If you find that you’ve damaged your screen further, you can either try to fix it again, or take the screen to a professional.

This is a simple fix that will lengthen the life of your monitor, laptop, or even tablet. Re-usability is key for maintaining a green lifestyle, so keep this solution in mind for the future.

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