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How Do Solar Panels Work?

You’ve undoubtedly asked yourself this question many a time over the years, and simply forgot to Google it when you got home. No worries–we’ve got you covered.

A short piece on “How It’s Made” on the Discovery channel explained in simple terms how we use solar panels to convert sunlight into energy.

Check it:

Solar power companies used to be a novelty a few decades ago, with many scoffers and naysayers for entrepreneurial spirits to deal with on their quest to introduce the future to us. Nowadays, these companies are nearly a dime-a-dozen here in the U.S., especially in the coastal states.

Startups like Elon Musk’s Solar City, to the massive Florida-based NextEra Energy Resources, which is set to double in size during the next couple of years, solar power is definitely here to stay.  With autonomous vehicles taking over the streets, and oil and gas reserves dwindling, our hopes are in the potential of alternative energy to revolutionize day-to-day living worldwide.

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