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How Much is Your Mother Worth?

How Much is Your Mother Worth?
This may sound a bit funny, but how much do you think your mother is worth?

“So you want to sell your mother. It’s a free market, most other things are bought and sold these days. Every day all sorts of strange and unusual products and services are priced and traded all over the world. She must be worth a decent amount. I mean, she is your Mum after all! But how do you figure out how much to sell her for?”

OK, so we’re not really talking about your mother, but we are talking about our Mother Earth, which is the only planet we’ve got, and the following animation from Terrafiniti attempts to put sustainability into a language we can relate to.

What do you think? Does this type of thinking help you to get your mind around the idea of placing a value on our natural resources and ecosystems?

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