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This Bracelet Uses The Heartbeat To Connect Users

Biometric technology has advanced in recent years, and recognition software is promising to offer some exciting future products for consumers. Forget voice recognition and fingerprint readers, your heartbeat could be your new login method.

The latest gear utilizes human gesturing and heartbeat recognition to connect users to their devices, and the Nymi by Bionym has won a top spot on the market with its bracelet system.

This Bracelet Uses The Heartbeat To Connect Users

Image source: getnymi.com

This Bracelet Uses The Heartbeat To Connect Users

Image source: getnymi.com

There are no passwords to remember, but the user’s unique cardiac tempo validates identity and allows wireless connections to laptops, smartphones, vehicles and many other devices.

Gestures let you control intended activities, for example, a turn of the wrist with the system can do things like unlock a car door, open the trunk, turn on lights or many other commands. It can also be used instead of personal identification numbers and to access various accounts.

It combines identity confirmation, motion sensors and proximity to let users control numerous objects by placing the system around the wrist. When the sensor is touched while the bracelet is being worn the electrical circuit is completed. It is then activated until taken off.

Check it out:

The Nymi uses Bluetooth Low Energy to transfer data and extend the battery life. It can be customized and employs an accelerometer and gyroscope for optimizing the gesture recognition.

As for security, the Nymi assures that it puts users in ultimate control of their identity. It utilizes what they refer to as a 3-factor security system. This means in order for users to control the device they must have the Nymi, the intended user’s distinct heartbeat and an Authorized Authentication Device, which is a registered app on the user’s smartphone or other device.

Currently the company is taking preorders for $79.00 U.S.

Does this type of technology offer an advanced option for connecting, or does it rely too heavily on personal information to take off?

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