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HALO Fuel Cell Cooks Dinner, Charges Gadgets

HALO Fuel Cell Cooks Dinner, Charges Gadgets

Image source: www.pointsourcepower.com

If you’re looking for a portable and lightweight power station to charge your gadgets on your forays into the backcountry or off of the grid, this compact fuel cell just might be the ticket.

The HALO Fuel Cell uses standard campstove fuel canisters to generate electricity for your electronics, at the same time you’re cooking dinner, and could be the perfect addition to a bug-out bag, emergency preparedness kit, or outdoors adventure outfit.

The device uses Point Source Power’s M-SOFC fuel cell technology, which is both robust and rugged, as well as claiming a very long usable life:

“M-SOFC cells are made primarily of low-cost stainless steel, with very thin layers of active materials. The M-SOFC is extremely rugged, capable of rapid thermal cycling and abusive thermal shock, and tolerant to all types of fuels with no fuel processing. This opens the door for durable, user-friendly products that produce electricity from locally-available fuels.”

The HALO Fuel Cell, currently in a crowdfunding stage on Kickstarter, is said to be able to charge two devices simultaneously (works with most USB-compatible devices), putting out about 3000 mAh (15Wh) total out of the USB ports over a three-hour cycle. Users can cook their dinner and charge their phone with the same canister of fuel, meeting two needs at once (or users can opt to operate it on a charge-only setting if no cooking is necessary).

The folks behind the HALO aren’t new to portable power, as a different version of their fuel cell technology, called the VOTO, is generating electricity and providing light from cookstoves in Kenya, but the HALO is specifically designed for the developed world, where campstove fuel canisters, not charcoal, are the standard.

If you’d like to get one of these fuel cells, just kick in $79 to the campaign, and then ask all of your friends to also help bring this project to fruition.

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