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First Ever Solar Sidewalk Installed

You no doubt have seen or own solar-powered ambient lights for your garden and/or driveway. Those are cool and all, but they aren’t solar-powered sidewalk cool.


Image source: www.liveinliveout.com

That title belongs to the students at George Washington University, who recently installed a 100-square-foot stretch of solar-sidewalk covered entirely in solar panels. How’s that for a recruiting tool?


Image source: www.popsci.com

The solar panels will collect power during the day, and convert it into electricity for the 470 kilowatt-hours of electricity needed to light the sidewalk up at night. The 450 LED lights inside the panels are sure to create an awesome light show after sundown.


Image source: www.flickr.com

In case you weren’t keeping track, this is the very first walkable solar sidewalk in the world. The walkway is designed to be non-slip and weather-resistant. The sidewalk connects Exploration and Innovation halls on the campus, which is absolutely fitting if you ask me.

Some other notable sidewalks around the world include this pollution-eating strip of sidewalk installed in the big, polluted city of Chicago, and this one as well. Below is a video created by Onyx Solar, the manufacturers of the sidewalk George Washington U just installed, displaying their other solar technologies.

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