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Guide to 100 Sustainable Solutions from Sustainia

In our attempt to transition to a more sustainable world, there are plenty of solutions, and a new guide brings 100 of the most innovative ideas and technologies to light.

This year’s sustainability guide from Sustainia, called SUSTAINIA100, features some of the best readily available projects and technologies across 10 essential sectors, from energy to transportation to fashion, and they aren’t just ‘pie in the sky’, but actually achievable, and profitable.

Guide to 100 Sustainable Solutions from Sustainia

Image source: www.sustainia.me

“The solutions are available and they are profitable. Our challenge is to bring them to scale. Political power can help this happen by creating a framework with targets, standards, and pricing.

But the power of example is just as important, perhaps even more so, to most people. Seeing that sustainable solutions actually work.

That they are profitable. Beautiful. Desirable. That is in the end what will make people change and choose
sustainable solutions.” – Connie Hedegaard, European Commissioner for Climate Action

The new guide is available as a free download (PDF), or to read on the web, and could help to serve to kickstart local, regional, and national initiatives to pursue a more sustainable future for our planet. SUSTAINIA100 will be of interest not only to the average citizen, but also to investors, developers, politicians, and business leaders who want to stay on top of promising technologies and projects for global sustainability.

“From Canada to Kenya to Guatemala to India, these solutions are proving that we can build communities that are both environmentally and economically sustainable today and for generations to come. – Arnold Schwarzenegger, Honorary Chair of Sustainia Award

Grab your copy of SUSTAINIA100, read it, discuss it, and share it widely.

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