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Three-Wheeled Human/Electric Vehicle: Twike

When most electric vehicles have a low charge, there isn’t really another option other than plugging it in and giving it a charge, which means waiting while it charges. But if you drive a Twike, you can still get where you’re going.

Combining two of the most efficient modes of locomotion, Twike offers a two-seater electric vehicle with a 200 km range that can also be pedaled like a bicycle. When the Li-ion batteries are low or discharged, the driver can power the aerodynamic vehicle with their own muscles, extending the range and avoiding the inconvenience of being stuck somewhere waiting to charge it.

The Twike has a top speed of about 85 km/h, and has plenty of power for tackling hills and accelerating, thanks to its high-performance asynchronous electric motor and powerful Li-Ion manganese battery packs. With a long lifecycle and low self-discharge rate, the 400 v, 24 Ah batteries are built to last, and the design allows for regenerative braking to recapture some of the vehicle’s motion as energy.

The Twike is steered with a simple joystick, and is said to offer non-slip braking and accelerating, even in icy conditions. Because of its small size and long driving range, the Twike is perfect for urban commuting or driving. It also has space for another passenger (or cargo) and has a fully covered (yet removable) canopy, so it’s somewhat more appropriate for most daily commuters than a bicycle, but the price is a quite a bit higher.

Prices for the Twike vary, depending on which battery options are preferred. For more info, see Twike.

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