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Green Jeans Made from Recycled Water Bottles

Green Jeans Made from Recycled Water Bottles

Image source: dirtballfashion.com

We love our jeans, but they’ve got a real problem. The cotton that we rely on to make denim uses 25% of all the insecticides on Earth, and growing it consumes vast amounts of freshwater to produce a yield (estimated at 22,000 liters of water for every kilo of cotton).

If we want to live in a more sustainable way, and we’re going to continue to make and wear jeans, then it stands to reason that a better pair of jeans is called for.

That’s where Dirtball comes in. They make eco-friendly clothing with pre-consumer recycled cotton and post-consumer polyester made from recycled water bottles, and now they’ve set their sights on a more sustainable jean, which they call (fittingly enough) the Green Jean.

The Green Jean is made with a 70% cotton / 29% recycled polyester fabric, and all components are made and sourced in the US. The pants are available in four styles of denim or khaki, and each one contains material from between 8 and 10 recycled water bottles.

Green Jeans Made from Recycled Water Bottles

“The post-consumer plastic water bottles used in making the jeans are sorted by color, stripped of their labels and caps, washed and ground down into shavings. These shavings are then melted and extruded into virgin polyester fiber. The Green Jean uses cotton, in addition to the recycled plastic water bottles, that comes from industry scraps that hit the floor and would usually go to landfills. The cotton is also sorted by color and blended with the polyester to make a new fiber that is spun into yarn and knitted into fabric.”

If you’d like to pull on a pair of Green Jeans, just pony up a pledge of $85 or more at Dirtball’s Kickstarter campaign.

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