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Wallets from Vintage Baseball Gloves

Wallets from Vintage Baseball Gloves

Image source: fcgoods.com

The softness and suppleness of a well-used piece of leather gear is something that can’t really be replicated, as it takes years of work and play to break in leather, and during that time, the leather is also taking on a deep rich patina, one which tends to be more desirable than something right off of the assembly line. So it stands to reason that repurposing that old leather into something that could have a long second life is not only eco-friendly, but also stylish as well.

Instead of using virgin leather, one company is choosing to use pieces of leather from vintage baseball gloves, and hand making them into wallets, belts, and keychains, which are guaranteed to be way more eye-catching than those mass-produced from cheap cowhides in a factory somewhere.

“Fielder’s Choice Goods was created to embrace forgotten pastimes and artifacts. Once lost and reintroduced back in to everyday use that it once had. While the need to recycle & repurpose becomes more and more pressing, it is comforting to know that what we buy or use has had or can have another life.”

Wallets from Vintage Baseball Gloves

Image source: fcgoods.com

Fielders Choice Goods, based in Long Beach, CA, makes all of their products in the US, and by using vintage gloves from a uniquely American sport, is not just repurposing and recycling, but is producing heirloom-quality personal goods that reflect the values of the past.

Check out their line of repurposed vintage baseball glove wallets and belts at their website.

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