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Pedalling The Laundry

Two of the most tiring and time consuming jobs for women in developing countries are fetching water from long distances and washing clothes.

Now investors have funded an eco-friendly, cheap and non-electric product for the laundry industry. GiraDora is a foot powered laundry washer that consists of a blue coloured bucket-like structure.

It has a spinning mechanism which is powered by a pedal. All you have to do is to sit on the machine and simply pedal .

The design being more compact and portable enables user to carry the washer wherever there is water or wherever you can drain the waste water from the machine. It will not spill water during washing.

Time and water saving: Using a washboard or washing the clothes individually by hand consumes more time. GiraDora saves lots of your time by working very effectively.  It also saves water by optimal usage.

Ease your injury: GiraDora reduces the physical stress caused by hand washing which may lead to chronic conditions.

Save money: The cost of GiraDora is less than the cheapest spin dryer and top load washers which are available in the market. When manufactured in large scale it will cost less than $40.

No Back pain: Many women in developing countries report back pain, and the main reason is washing. With GiraDora one can wash cloths with utmost comfort because the operation involves simple pedalling.

Comfort: This is a completely self-contained machine. Being portable, you can simply take it inside the room and wash even when it rains in the laundry area.

This product is an immense blessing for both rural and urban people who are fatigued by the backbreaking work and spending on laundry or additional electric bills.

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