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Google Preparing Big Plans For The Future

The “Do No Evil” company has been on a record buying spree these past few months, purchasing billions of dollars worth of companies, startups, patents, and more, which is causing quite a few head-scratches in Silicon Valley.

Perhaps the biggest indicator of how Google plans on moving forward in the near future was the hiring of futurist Ray Kurzweil last year, which made him their new Director of Engineering.

Kurzweil has been one of the biggest propagators of “The Singularity” — a moment in the future when humanity and technology merge in one fashion or another, irreversibly changing our way of life.

He believes that it won’t be longer than 15 years until robots will officially become smarter than humans. His words have a great deal of gravity behind them, as he’s predicted quite a few big trends in recent history, such as the internet taking off, a robot beating a human in chess (see: Deep Blue vs Kasparov), etc.

Now that he’s Google’s Director of Engineering, he has free reign to see many of this initiatives come to light, and his ideas are part of the driving force behind Google’s mass acquiring of tech companies.

This is all very interesting, and speculation is fun, but does this all have any real-life applications for the near future? I’m glad you asked!

One of the companies Google purchased is performing experiments on the longevity of human life — also known as finding out a way to stop our cells from aging. Would it be true “immortality”? Maybe someday, but for now it would mean living an extra 25 or so years on average.

This brings many interesting topics to light, such as the earth’s dwindling resources in the middle of a population explosion. If we can all live longer, then won’t the world start getting a lot smaller faster?

You can bet Google’s working on solutions for these questions and more. Not only Google, but countless other companies and “Think Tanks”, including the initiative to create buildings specifically for vertical farming, which many claim is the way of the future.

Google has big plans for the company,  and they’re being quite secretive on just how they plan to use the dozens of companies they’ve acquired. Many speculate that they’ve purchased them in order to add their employees to the growing database of geniuses who work at Google.

However Google plans to implement their services in the future, you can be sure that they’ll involve amazing things we didn’t even know we wanted, such as the Google Glass program.

Stay tuned for more Google news in the coming weeks and months as we learn more about the company’s goals.

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