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Google Commits to 10 Years of Wind Power for Finnish Data Center

In another move toward renewable energy in its operations, Google is going to use the electricity produced from a planned 72MW wind farm in Sweden to power its data center in Finland for the next ten years.

A project to develop the new wind farm, consisting of 3MW turbines, at a site in northern Sweden has just met with planning approval, and thanks to Google’s recent agreement to buy the entire output of the farm for the next 10 years, has secured all the financing necessary for construction.

The wind farm is being developed by O2, and will be owned by Allianz once it’s up and running, which is planned for sometime in the spring of 2015. The electricity from the wind farm will feed into the regional grid, where Google will then purchase power equal to that production.

“This arrangement is possible thanks to Scandinavia’s integrated electricity market and grid system, Nord Pool. It enables us to buy the wind farm’s output in Sweden with Guarantee of Origin certification and consume an equivalent amount of power at our data center in Finland. We then “retire” the Guarantee of Origin certificates to show that we’ve actually used the energy.” – Google

This project is just the latest in a series of clean energy commitments (totaling about $1 billion USD) made by Google in the last couple of years, which shows a refreshing “put your money where your mouth is” attitude from big business.

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