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Google’s Glasses

Imagine a world where the internet is accessible everywhere you go. Not just on smartphones, tablets and computers, but right in front of you 24/7.

That’s a vision presented by Google Inc.’s research team. Their plan to revolutionize global connectivity begins with a gadget they’ve titled Project Glass.

In essence, this device is a pair of lightweight spectacles that connects wirelessly via bluetooth to your phone or tablet.

Similar to the HUD(Heads Up Display) that Air Force pilots utilize in their helmet visors, these augmented reality glasses will display information straight from your phone to an area in front of your eyes.

The glasses are voice-activated, and track your retina for scrolling. They also have an onboard camera and microphone, for video and picture taking.

While seemingly taking a page from Apple playbook on aesthetic design, Google’s glasses are very suave and urbane, giving them an artistic appeal that’s sure to woo consumers. The gadget’s practical uses are also strikingly innovative, bringing us further into a world of tech marvels.

At this moment, Google is only offering the glasses to developers, but they’re expected to retail at $1500 when they go on sale around early 2014.  This project could go either way for Google. If they perform as suggested in their video, then the glasses will become a major hit.

But if they don’t live up to the expectations placed upon them, then the product will likely tank. Everything is up in the air at this point, with Google maintaining a veil of secrecy around the glasses. At the Google I/O convention earlier this year, they released a few more videos and live demonstrations on stage, which only added to the overall mystery.

As far as functionality goes, the glasses simplify the process of sharing pictures and videos, calls and texts are performed hands-free, and access to the internet is literally a blink away. It’s apparent that Google foresees a future of wearable technology becoming both normal and popular. And they’ve gone to great lengths promoting their device to the public, displaying a demand for a product that we never imagined we’d see become a reality.

When 2014 rolls around, expect more hype surrounding Project Glass.

While nobody can predict with absolute certainty just how much these glasses will impact society, one can speculate that it might be the most innovative device we’ve seen in the past few years.

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