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Go Paperless with this Digital Receipts App

Getting a receipt for your transactions is good practice, both for tracking your expenses and just in case there’s an error or you need to return something. But do you really need a paper copy of receipts?

One issue with paper receipts is the toll on the environment, from the paper to the ink to the materials that make up the printer itself, and the other issue is that they aren’t very efficient to reference or search after the fact.

Digital receipts, however, can be tagged, categorized, searched, or annotated very easily, and because they don’t use any physical resources (other than the electricity used to store or display them), are a great solution.

Up until very recently, if you wanted a digital receipt from a retail store, you would have to scan or take a photo of the receipt yourself, which meant that it still needed to be printed anyway. But a new system might make that process so much simpler, by enabling the instant transfer of a digital receipt to your phone with just a tap.

Proximiant is a free app for iPhone and Android platforms that allows users to get their receipts directly from a retailer’s “Touch and Go” scanning device, simply by tapping the phone on the device’s transceiver. Once scanned, the receipts can be saved and organized to help track expenses, as well as being available for reference at any time.

The app also offers coupons and special deals, which are able to be redeemed by just displaying the bar code to the retailer, as well as reminders for alerting users when they are close to the deal location or the offer is expiring soon.

It’s easy to get started, as any retailer offering the service will also have a QR code for accessing the app store to download Proximiant, which will then also automatically capture and store the digital receipt.

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