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A Day Made Of Glass

Glass manufacturer, Corning, released a video in early 2012 that displayed their vision of a future in which glass and computer technology merge for aesthetic and practical functionality.

Their goal is to help create a world where bulky and un-reusable gadget materials are a thing of the past. Much of the tech in the video is currently available today, and here is a list of neat glass gadgets that will transform the industry.

Handheld Display Glass: Lightweight, bendable, and affordable glass is currently being designed and manufactured by several companies, with the purpose of implementing the technology into modern day devices. Corning Willow Glass is flexible, strong, and scratch-resistant. This glass will soon be widely used in television displays, smartphones, and computers.

Electrochromic Glass: Also known as Smart Glass, this technology is already used in many offices and conference rooms. It has the ability to transform into an opaque wall through which no light can pass through, and quickly switch back to a clear, transparent sheet of glass at the press of a button. One such company that designs and sells Smart Glass is Sage Electrochromics.

Surface Display Glass: Much like touch screens on tablets and smartphones, surface display glass is a multi-touch capable technology, which allows users to interact with the display, and place other devices and gadgets on the surface, which can connect to and utilize the computer within the display. A prototype of this surface technology has been created by Microsoft, and is currently offered in plastic format in select restaurants and hotels. A video of the technology can be seen here.

Glass Optical Fiber: A bend sensitive, wirelessly integrated, and bandwidth intensive data fiber is currently used for connectivity with increased speed and efficiency over traditional cable wires. This allows enterprise and private networks to provide fast data speeds for their own telecommunications networks and to consumers and businesses.

Transparent Display Glass: In what could one day replace current tablet and smartphone form factors, this type of glass incorporates computer technology and display technology. In essence, the transparent display also houses the computer parts. It could turn windows into touchscreen computers, and so much more. Samsung last October claimed to have made a breakthrough in transparent displays, and hopes that their technology will be widely implemented within 10 years.


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