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10 Green Gadgets for Dad for Father’s Day

Picking out a gift for your dad or husband or son on Father’s Day can be tough enough on its own, but getting the perfect gift for the green guy in your life can be even more difficult, as you also have to try to keep in mind their ecofriendly lifestyle so that you end up picking something both useful and green.

But you’re in luck, because if your favorite dad is a gadget-lover, we can help point you in the direction of some excellent green gadgets for Father’s Day, covering the spectrum from solar power to smartphone to home automation.

Here’s our top 10 eco gadgets for father’s day:

1. WakaWaka Power

WakaWaka Power

If you want to make sure that dad always has access to a full charge for his phone, MP3 player, GPS, or other mobile gadgets, and that the energy is free to them, forever, the WakaWaka Power is the perfect portable accessory. Small enough to fit in a pocket or bag, the WakaWaka Power charges its internal battery with an integrated solar panel (8 hours to a full charge), which can then fully charge a smartphone in two hours, plus provide 40 hours of bright LED lighting for off-grid or after-hours adventures. For each purchase of a WakaWaka Power unit, the company also donates $10 to a foundation that subsidizes the units in developing countries. Price: $79.00 USD

2. Biolite Stove

Biolite Stove

For the outdoorsy and backcountry father, this handy little camp stove can not only efficiently cook his dinner using just little twigs or pinecones found almost anywhere, but can also recharge his GPS, phone, LED flashlight, or other portable electronics at the same time. With one of these little gadgets, dad won’t have to carry extra stove fuel or batteries while he’s off the grid. The Biolite stove burns the twig fuel in a high-temperature steel chamber that gassifies the wood and promotes clean combustion, while a thermoelectric generator converts some of that heat into electricity to charge mobile devices. Price: $129.95 USD

3. Siva bicycle generator

Cyclists ranging from bike commuters to touring riders will appreciate this gift, which can power or charge just about any mobile device with energy harvested from your bicycle. The Siva Atom is a lightweight bike generator that is easily mounted on most bicycle frames, and it converts some of the energy generated while riding into electricity, which is then used to charge a device, or stored in a removable battery pack. The unit puts out 5V 500mA via USB port, the battery is rated at 1300mAh, and the entire unit weighs just 10.5 oz (300 grams). Price: $99.00 USD (This product will not actually ship until November, but pre-orders are being accepted now.)

4. Sustainable smartphone


If dad needs to upgrade or replace his smartphone (or if he’s been wishing for one), there are a couple of options to consider if you want to get them a greener and more sustainable mobile device. The Fairphone Android device is being called a smartphone that puts values first, and it is based on open design and features easier customization, repair, and adaptability, from the battery to the operating system. Available only in Europe at the moment at a pre-order price of €325 ($436 USD). The second option is the Samsung Galaxy S4, which just received the designation as a “TCO Certified Smartphone” for meeting a long list of sustainability criteria. Price: $150 to $199 USD with contract.

5: Sunrocket Solar Thermos

Sunrocket Solar Kettle

For coffee and tea loving dads that would appreciate having hot water made from free energy from the sun, this solar kettle is just the ticket. The Sunrocket, which combines reflective panels and a vacuum tube to use the power of the sun for heating water, and thermal insulation to keep that water hot. The units are small enough to be portable, and efficient enough to provide hot water even in cold weather or slightly cloudy days. Price: $59.50 USD

6. Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi

The DIY and techie dad might really enjoy this powerful little gadget, which could serve as a component in a smart house, or as a garden sprinkler automation device, or a sensor or remote camera controller, or even just to learn how to code. Raspberry Pi, the credit-card sized computer that connects to your TV and a keyboard, is enabling all sorts of innovation, and with a little experimentation, your favorite dad could be greening his world with it. Price: $35.00 USD

7. Nest Thermostat

Nest thermostat

The frugal and energy-conserving father might find some solace in a “smart” programmable thermostat like the Nest. It installs in under 30 minutes, learns from and adapts to your own unique living situation, tracks energy usage, can optimize the heating and cooling system, and can be controlled from a smartphone, even remotely. Price: $249 USD

8. Spark Tablet Case

For that dad who’s always on his iPad for both business and pleasure, consider a solar-charging case for it, such as this one from Voltaic. The Spark Tablet case has 8 Watts of solar cells built right into a protective carrying case, along with a battery capable of storing a full charge for the iPad. It takes about 10 hours for a full charge from the sun, or it can be charged via USB cable before leaving the house. Price: $249 USD

9. Solar Oven

The culinary dad might appreciate a new (and free) method of preparing meals, such as with a solar oven. The Global Sun Oven is a portable and efficient, yet high-powered, solar cooking device capable of reaching temperatures of 350 to 400 F, and could come in handy for both home use and emergency preparedness. Not only is it a great use of free energy, but when it’s hot out, you can leave your stove off and use the heat from the sun to cook your meals instead. Price: $299 USD

10. Sugru


OK, so this one isn’t necessarily a gadget, but it is a gift that can enable the repair and improvement of just about any other gadget or appliance or vehicle. Sugru is an amazing self-setting rubber compound that can be shaped by hand, sticks to just about anything, cures in about a day (yet remains flexible), is water- and weatherproof, and can withstand temperatures ranging from 50°C to +180°C. It also comes in different colors, so it easily lends itself to customization and hacking of the gadgets you already own. Price: Starting at $18 USD

That’s our top 10 eco gadgets for dads, what do you think? Did we miss any great green gadgets? Let us know what you would have included in the comments below.

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