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Get a Weatherproof Lockable Trunk for Your Bike

Get a Weatherproof Lockable Trunk for Your Bike

Image source: bucaboot.com

One of the most common excuses for not riding a bike more often is the need for secure storage of our stuff while we’re riding, because let’s face it, cycling with a big backpack on can be a bit of a drag, and not everyone wants to pull a bike trailer everywhere they go.

Sure, there are racks and baskets that can be put on the back or the front of a bike, but they aren’t secure by any means, and they sure aren’t weatherproof, so that means that you not only need to put your stuff in another bag before you load it into the rack, but you also have to take everything with you in order to secure it when you lock up your bike.

But a very clever cyclist, Kathryn Carlson, had a great idea for a better way to securely store and carry stuff on your bike, which has now been developed and dubbed the Buca Boot:

“Nothing beats the convenience of riding your bike. I do it everyday. But I really hate worrying about how to carry around all the stuff that comes with a busy life. What if it rains? What if I get cold? What if I want to go to that party later? What if I need to pick up groceries or grab a six-pack?

The Buca Boot answers those questions. It holds everything from a pair of shoes to a laptop to a case of beer. It keeps your things dry in the rain and safe when you walk away.” – Buca Boot

Get a Weatherproof Lockable Trunk for Your Bike

The Buca Boot, which measures 8″ high by 10″ wide by 15″ long and weighs 6 lbs empty, can be attached to any standard rear bike rack. The locking lid allows riders to secure the contents of the Boot, or to leave them open while riding in order to fit larger items, which also enables the use of two fabric panniers that fold out with the lid.


Image source: bucaboot.com/

Right now, the Buca Boot is in a crowdfunding phase on Kickstarter, and backers at the $195 level will receive one of the first ones manufactured as their reward. Sign up at the Buca Boot website to stay in the loop about this innovative bike accessory.

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