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Gardening with Your Shotgun

Gardening with Your Shotgun

Image source: StudioTotal.se

In a twist on the maxim about beating your swords into plowshares, a Swedish creative studio has come up with a unique method of reseeding your landscape, using a shotgun.

Gardening with Your Shotgun

Instead of firing lead pellets, the Flower Shells, from Studio Total, disperse a variety of plant seeds into the immediate area, making planting a garden or landscape area as simple as pulling the trigger.

Gardening with Your Shotgun

Although firing a gun in a residential neighborhood may not be the safest or most prudent thing to do, it’s possible that in rural areas, this type of seeding might make a bit of sense, assuming you want to be able to quickly disperse seeds across a wide area.

For more information, see Flower Shell.

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