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Futuristic High-Performance Electric Motorcycle: Agility Saietta

Futuristic High-Performance Electric Motorcycle: Agility Saietta

Image source: agilitymotors.com

Combining Formula 1 and aerospace design with advanced engineering and electric technology, Agility Motor’s Saietta aims to deliver on its claim to being “the world’s first high-performance, clean tech motorcycle”.

Billed as a premium electric urban sports bike, the Saietta R is Agility’s flagship electric motorcycle, capable of hitting a top speed of 80 mph, with a 0 to 60 mph time of just 3.9 seconds. The bike is said to be the world’s first production composite monocoque chassis (as seen in F1 Cars), which minimizes the bike’s weight and increases its strength, delivering “superior handling.”

This futuristic looking bike has a range of about 112 miles, with a 3.5 hour charge time, and its battery pack is claimed to be good for about 1000 charge cycles.

Futuristic High-Performance Electric Motorcycle: Agility Saietta

Image source: agilitymotors.com

“With exceptional emphasis on concentrating its masses in the most compact overall package and shortest possible wheelbase, Saietta combines agility akin to a super-light 250 cc track bike with the punch of a large-calibre v-twin – a cocktail of power and razor sharp handling which intoxicates. Optimised through intelligent design and ground-breaking engineering to invoke a near-perfect user relationship, Saietta’s exceptional manoeuvrability and instinctive ergonomics expand your riding abilities and heightens the senses.” – Agility

The Saietta R is currently in production in the UK, at a cost of £13,975.00, and the company has plans to bring the bike to the US in the near future.

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